Ever wonder why that barefoot walk on the beach makes you feel so good? Ok the melodic tones of lapping water definitely have a calming sensory effect but is there something else more profound contributing to this feeling?

Remember that time you walked through the grass barefoot? How did something that really isn’t that ‘socially acceptable’ feel sooooo good?

Maybe just maybe (well actually scientifically proven) you were tapping into the earth’s limitless supply of electrical charge. This, unbeknownst to you, pretty much re-calibrated many of the biochemical reactions in your body leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

How exactly does this unfold?
Many of the processes that occur in our body are oxidative in nature, that is, they create a positive (+) electrical charge eg. the metabolism of glucose to provide us with energy. These oxidative processes produce free radicals which cause cell damage.

To neutralise this oxidative state we have some internal mechanisms to help such as the production of glutathione and various enzymes. We can also add in dietary Vitamin A,D&E; from fruit and vegetables. However due to our increased air pollution and nutrient deficient lifestyles we generally do not get enough.

Now, however, the science is there to prove that the vast negative (-) charge of the earth has an immense anti oxidative effect on our health. I know, how ironic that we should now want to embrace negativity when in every other aspect of life we want to dispel it, but lets trust the tried and tested laws of physics on this particular one! Some of the effects include:

• Correction of our sleep patterns – Patients with sleep issues reported significant improvements after 8 weeks of sleeping on specific mats that were grounded compared to control groups. It is thought that this effect is a result of regulating our hormone levels, melatonin in this case.

• Reduces stress levels – it reduces our stress hormone cortisol by encouraging the body to shift from the sympathetic nervous system (our flight or flight mechanism) to the calming parasympathetic nervous system

• Reduces chronic pain – The free radicals that oxidation processes in our body produce cause inflammation and therefore pain. By reducing them (or neutralising their positive charge) with the negative charge from the earth, inflammatory signals are weakened resulting in less pain

For those who like some ‘evidence based medicine’ to back up big statements like I’ve just made check out https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22757749

For the rest of you – SHED THOSE SHOES!