About Brenda

Brenda Ward BSc, Lic, Dip Ac

Science Degree -Biochemistry- Trinity College Dublin.

Acupuncture Diploma- Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland.

Acupuncture Licentiate- Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland.

Clinical Acupuncture Certificate- Nanjing University China.

Obstetric Acupuncture Certificate- Brighton UK.

Accredited by the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association


About Brenda

Brenda completed a degree in Science from Trinity College Dublin specialising in the area of Biochemistry.

She then proceeded to work in various areas of the Pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years. During this time she became quite disillusioned with Western Medicine and its approach to patients health. She started researching the holistic approach of eastern Medicine and qualified as an Acupuncturist with the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland in 2008 with a Grade A Diploma. Brenda continued her studies by travelling to China and working in a hospital in Nanjing.

The Holistic approach to Eastern medicine has a real appeal given that it doesn’t just treat the symptoms but addresses the root cause preventing the reoccurrence of ailments and is generally side effect free. It also respects the philosophy that our bodies were built to heal themselves, the acupuncture needles encourage this natural process.

Brenda also has a great interest in Nutrition. Eastern medicine recognises that food is medicine, a concept that was used for decades but one that we have lost in the Western world.

Brenda continuously researches this fast moving area of Science/Nutrition on behalf of her patients and will offer advice on anti-inflammatory foods, hormone regulating & weight reduction advice through food. She also supplies herbs where applicable and advises on supplements on an individual basis.

Accredited by the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association

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