Covid 19
The first emotion associated with Covid is FEAR. Obviously I can understand why , human nature does not like the unknown, the lack of a timeline and mostly the lack of capability to depend on others (medics) to fix our health has left an upsetting unease. However, at this stage, 1 year on, we need to move away from this debilitating emotion and bring ourselves to a place of confidence. Confidence that the experts will eventually get ahead, confidence that the vaccine roll out will help society return to a near normal state but most of all confidence in our own bodies capability to handle yet another virus we present to it. 

Do not be a good host. Our immune systems are one of the most complex intelligent systems ever designed. The Scientific research in this area is Amazing, but because of the complexity of this system we are still a long long way off understanding all the nuts & bolts. So instead of sitting around and waiting for research which will take years……. Let’s do something  crazy, completely ‘out there’…lets bring everything back to simple intuition and simple health hacks generations before us have passed down. Lets be the worst host a virus can imagine by being as metabolically healthy as possible.

The simplicity may bowel you over but here we go. Inflammation is at the route of more than 80% of illnesses (severe or mild). If your immune system is already busy putting out lots of little fires in your system it will inevitably be overwhelmed when faced with a brand new one called Covid! So lets address these little fires now so when and if your body meets Covid, through an unexpected introduction, or a formal one in the guise of a vaccine, it can fully concentrate on this alone and deal with this as it does others viruses/vaccines.

Little fires can vary from digestive issues through to more severe autoimmune diseases. 


I do not expect you to get rid of your autoimmune condition but I do mean you learn to manage it to the best you yourself can through lifestyle, food, supplementation and herbs if required. Medics can help from the prescription drug side of things but it is not their job to manage other aspects of your life which greatly influence your illness. Never ever assume they will, it is your responsibility alone. Any illness particularly autoimmune should be treated with a multidisciplinary approach such as those mentioned above.

Where do we start?

Since 70% of our immune system stems from the gut lets start there

  • Eat the rainbow. Eat lots of vegetables but not the same ones. We need to keep mixing them up as each type feeds different strains of bacteria in our gut. Happy gut bacteria = happy digestive system = helps create a strong immune system. BTW nobody said you cant eat veg for breakfast!!
  • Back off the processed food, sugar and alcohol. We all indulged in Lockdown 1, Lockdown 3  onwards should be full of change from lessons previously learned. These foods produce the big ‘I’ word Inflammation.
  • Supplement with the basics: vitamin D, Liposomal Vitamin C and a probiotic. I would also recommend Turmeric, Glutathione (antioxidant) and maybe NAC but these would be on a consultation basis.
  • Sleep is imperative and should never be underestimated. It is the only time your body gets to rebalance. If you are having trouble here find a nice herbal remedy to help
  • Exercise: Great for your nervous system, cortisol levels and will release this natural painkillers called endorphins
  • Meditation: Scientifically proven to reduce the big ‘I’ inflammation, reduce cortisol levels and help reach a deep healing stage of sleep.

These steps, however simple they seem will set you on a road to better metabolic health and make you into the bad (viral) host you want to be!

Quick stat : In China the death rate from Covid is 3 per million of population. The death rate in the US is currently 500 per million of population. Interesting the obesity rate in China is 2.6% of population versus 42% in the US. Even taking into consideration Chinas slight exaggeration of the truth and different health systems etc the direct correlation between serious Covid and metabolic health cannot be ignored. 

Forget FEAR and get yourself into GEAR