Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Acupuncture

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture does NOT hurt. Yes we refer to the instruments we use as ‘Needles’ however they have more similarities with the well known pins used for sewing- [Caution- Your Acupuncturist will take offence if you refer to the needles as pins, we do not make great seamstresses!] The needles are super thin and the skill used at the time of location of the point and needle insertion ensures minimum pain receptor stimulation. The insertion is swift, then the needle is left to do its own miraculous work. Sometimes your Acupuncturist may manipulate it slightly to allow you feel the Qi grabbing the needle, this can serve as a reassurance that your body is responding and is embarking on its journey of self healing – Sit back and enjoy! 

How many treatments will I need? 

The treatment approach is very individualistic. No two patients(even those with similar ailments) are treated the same. As Acupuncturists we practice the polar opposite to the ‘one size fits all’ Western medicine model. The first consultation involves a full evaluation of your physical and mental state if appropriate. We will treat the symptoms of your ailment but more importantly we treat the root of the problem avoiding those unwanted reoccurrences. So to finally summarise, each person will be different but the length of a course of Acupuncture will usually fall in the range of 2-6 treatments, fertility treatment and chronic ailments excluded.

Is it expensive? 

As most Acupuncturists are covered under private health insurance the end cost to you is approximately half. At AcuWellness the treatments cost €65 and are covered by all recognised private health insurance companies.

What should I do before a treatment? 

I always recommend not having a big meal at least 1-2hours before a session as this alters the pulse. You may also be required to lie on your stomach so in the interest of comfort a full stomach should be avoided. I also recommend wearing loose clothing for easy access to the various points on the body. Then just prepare yourself for a very relaxing 45-60 min treatment.

Are their side effects? 

There are virtually no side effects to acupuncture treatment. Any you may come across are usually self healing. A little bruising around the insertion point of the needle may occur or an acute flare up of your symptoms can be the energy (Qi) clearing from the channel. Both dissipate fairly quickly.

Should I tell my Doctor I am going to have Acupuncture? 

Yes if you are attending a doctor tell them you plan to get Acupuncture. The Acupuncturist will also need to know if you are on any medications as some may effect the treatment efficacy.

Is it safe and effective in babies and adolescents? 

Yes it is very safe and effective in both groups. In fact I would even go further as to say that they respond better due to the reduced amount of emotional stressors they carry compared to the average adult. I generally don’t use needles in babies but other less invasive techniques are used with great results