“Since starting Acupuncture I cannot get over the immediate effect t has had on my autoimmune condition. The stiffness, harsh neck & shoulder pain are all gone. My energy levels are significantly better. I/m nearly afraid to say it but I feel as good as I could have hoped for. Thank you so much.”


“The epitome of professionalism, I cannot recommend Brenda highly enough. The effectiveness of her treatments is only matched by her passion for the job. I attended Brenda for induction and ended up having a very short labour with no pain relief!”


Brenda is an amazing person. Taking a holistic approach, along with acupuncture she provides great nutrition and lifestyle advice not to mention an empathetic ear. Thanks to her treatments and guidance my body has finally started to function again as it should. I cannot recommend AcuWellness enough.”


Brenda little Conor arrives early weighing 8lb8oz. We are over the moon. No doubt it was all done to your fantastic work”


“I just found out this morning that I am pregnant! I definitely think your treatments played a huge role, thank you so much”


“I ended up winning both of my singles and doubles games with no arm pain”

GF (Tennis Elbow Client)

“I would highly recommend Brenda. Having attended the Emergency Department with severe abdominal pain, where all tests were inconclusive, a friend recommended Acupuncture.

After 4 treatments with Brenda I feel much better and my digestive issues have cleared up. As a bonus I have lost some  weight which I struggled with for a few years. A hidden gem in Maynooth!”


“I have seen Brenda several times now for help with fertility issues. In the run up to my first egg retrieval she gave me some treatments to help stimulate my ovaries and give us the best outcome. She was so accommodating in terms of my cycle dates and often squeezed in appointments at short notice.I couldn’t have asked for more consideration and understanding from her. The treatments were so relaxing and encouraging. We had a fantastic result with egg retrieval and a successful pregnancy. I’ve no doubt her treatments played a big part in this. I can’t thank her enough. 

Brenda is very passionate about her profession. She is very caring yet professional and confident in her approach. I would highly recommend her.”